Must sell haunt

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Must sell haunt

Post by Creeptown » Sun Jan 19, 2020 5:10 pm

I have a haunt for sale. I would like for you to review the inventory and check out photos on website. Tell me if you think you can do anything wit it.
This is a one of a kind handcrafted setup. I will be taking more photos as most of haunt is still set up.

The following inventory price list has been established by using actual cost method (not including labor) on all hand built sets and characters minus 40% and on purchased props 50% to 70%, depending on age and condition. The entire haunt value based on this method including labor is approximately $116,890 discounted to $ 40,359. Purchase price for entire haunt discounted another 20% is $31,457.20 with an additional gift of the maze, value $ 2,370 bringing entire cost to $29,087.20. This is a one of a kind handcrafted haunted town!

(Train is not included in haunt price but may be purchased WITH the haunt at a 15% discount.)


Character Sets

A. Swamp

Animatronic talking mouth, head and eye movement featuring preprogramming or microphone fed. Includes mp3 recorded, speakers as well as microphone set up. With rocker, costumes snake etc. 12v to 110. $325
Animatronic swamp hag sold online $75
One of a kind versatile Static character or costume swamp thing. Stands over 7’ or fits actor 6’

and over. $250
Two 7.5’ long animatronic jumping alligators. Controlled by air cylinders. Long air hoses $1750 × 2
Swamp hut with décor.
Assorted small alligators, snakes, trees, bushes,

lightning bugs, sound effects, Light up lily pad set. Real tagged alligator skin. $425
Sturdy moving swamp bridge.
2’x6’ Construction springs included. Can be used indoors or outdoors. Comes with fog machine, swamp water/pond liner. $350

TOTAL $4,925

B. Evil Dentist:

Fully operational dentist chair $150
Backdrop with accessories. $40
Waiting room set, chairs and aged skeletons $50
Dentist costume. $30

TOTAL $270

C. Asylum

Two-sided walk-through asylum with roof. Indoors or outdoors. $1100
Static wall climber $25
Motion activated prison character, sold online $50
Static insane patient. $50
Motion activated jumping patient in straight jacket, air cylinder $235
2 functioning full size electric hospital beds $100
Insane baby static prop $25
Costumes for actors $35

TOTAL $1,620

D. Witches’ Coven

Spell casting witch, available online $75
2 static hand-built witches $100
3 animatronic witches
Cauldron stirring witch with fog machine, $300
Turning witch $95
Rocking chair Witch includes chair $125
Sets, buildings, backdrops
Complete witch large house includes witches' chest loaded with poison props, overhanging candle lights, Flying candles Harry Potter style. Assorted wall décor included. $750
Small witch house can be used for actors or props, Includes décor and cauldron $355
Witch house facade, also used to hide actor, converts to troll house. $150
Total $1,950

E. Zombie escape

4 hand-built zombie children $200
6Hand built Adult zombies use over head motor for hand reaching out movement. $350
3 hand built adult zombies with motorized individual movement. $450
Moaning and moving female patient zero in wheelchair. Very creepy and realistic $200
Set and backdrops
20 + assorted trees for zombie forest $230
Escape cage/chain link enclosure with opening door includes 4 panels $230
Zombie outreach hallway walls, animated, suitable for covered outdoor/indoor maze, $285
Zombie escape DVD, steel door with glass for playing DVD on 30inch tv (tv not included), DVD player and speakers. Produces Sound effects for zombie escape. Assorted costumes and masks included. THIS SET UP IS ALREADY BUILT IN IN THE BACK WALL OF THE ASYLUM BUT CAN EASILY BE MOVED. $220
Zombie drive-in theater booth and golf cart (mobile but not motorized) with antique 8mm films and projector, $300

Total $2,465

F. Werewolf woods

Cerberus animatronic available online $75
Werewolf animated growling available online $120
Hand built one of a kind jumping down and forward 7.5 ft werewolf high speed actuator motion sensor controlled. Includes Styrofoam rocks etc. New, $895
Set and backdrop
10+ trees for woods. $150

Total $1,240

G. Haunted School

Animatronic child on swing with sound, available online $50
Animatronic hand-built ghost child with forward flying motion using standard speed actuator inside school. Can be moved. $108
Two static hand-built child ghosts $75 × 2
Schoolhouse hand built $410
Assorted décor and black lights, dolls etc. $75
Total $793

H. Dinosaurs

Characters, props
Pterodactyl 12ft across ceiling hung. Appears to fly with small fan, included. $675
Static raptor full body available online $795
Static raptor head peering through trees, hand built $175
Animatronic raptor head, hand built, forward movement through trees, high speed linear actuator, motion sensor $280
Video projector, screen, DVD Raptors on the hunt, provides sound effects for entire set. $280
Mp3 recorder and speakers with pterodactyl sounds $33
Assorted trees and lights, Mounting posts and ground mounts, Raptor egg $100

Total $2,338

I. Clown Carnival

8 ft animated jump out Clown air-cylinder includes all connections and long hoses. $375
Clown driving minicar motorized includes car $200
Clown in trunk static $150
Pennywise in trunk can be animated easily with included air cylinder and controller $135
Jump out air cylinder clown in clown college $175
4 static clowns and Assorted small and large hanging clowns and additional clown décor $175
Static 6 ft genie with fog machine $175
Clown costumes for actors includes two sets of stilts never used 3’ and 2’. $225
Sets, backdrops and buildings
Clown college building, includes window Pennywise $200
Fortune teller booth includes hand sculpted electric crystal skull, solid hand cast clear poly plastic $150
Monster in a box, animated air cylinder controlled, motion sensor fog machine and light. $200
12ft x 8ft monster- go-round. Includes safety fencing, background motorized spinners, sound player monster mash, carnival lighting, hand built, hand sculpted clown teeth and faces for décor, assorted decorations, bubble machine. Requires some disassembly and reassembly to move. $2800
Slanted red building 4x4 currently being used for spider cocooned man $250

Total $5,210

J. Aliens

One sculpted Styrofoam full body alien $175
Two sculpted Styrofoam half body aliens $100 x 2
4 alien heads and other assorted body parts $200
Sets, props, backdrops
16ft flying saucer, complete with security fencing, steel base, exterior stage lighting controllable with music or without interior lighting. $950
3 overhead ceiling mounted flying 3ft dia. Saucers with spinning motors and lighting. $300
One rocket ship with lighting and fog approximately 16 ft height currently buried about 3 ft in ground for free standing safety. $450
One alien pod with lighting battery operated $50
Assorted Alien man eating plants. Can be potted. Hand sculpted poly rubber $125
Wood ladder for alien $10
Alien scepter $30

Total $2,490

K. Apocalypse stables

Four horse stable.
Four hand sculpted Styrofoam moveable horse skulls $290
Hayloft stable boy skeleton $60
Assorted lanterns, eclipsing moon, and general stable décor. $150
Stable Requires some disassembly and reassembly to move. Works well as part of the spider invasion $500

Total $1,000
L. Spider invasion

Giant hand built spider approximately 16ft across. can be ground or ceiling hung. Some adjustability for posing. $375
Over 12 assorted spiders moving up and down in different motions motor controlled on ceiling. $580
Jump out 3ft spider on high speed actuator, motion sensor $150
Victim in spider cocoon with moving sound effects spider (for red building used with this prop, se sets and backdrops under carnival) $85
Sets, props and décor
Two spider web shooter guns with nearly full case of web sticks $100
Spider flood light $20
Cardboard house scene walls approximate 6’ x 16' covered in webs. Back side black. Currently used as one outside wall of fear tunnel $25

Total $1,335

M. Egypt

1. Character

a. Mummy in sarcophagus, in pyramid, hand built

hollow plaster $250

b. Free standing light up Mummy available online $50

c. 30 f3t. long hand-crafted Styrofoam snake with

jump out mechanism, air cylinder motion sensor $185
Sets, building
Pyramid, hand built, includes Peter King hand

sculpted. Mantle, sarcophagus, stands, assorted Egyptian accents and accessories. $800
Egyptian style Potted plant and Lighting $45
Sarcophagus, hand painted, set up for mummy actor costume included $88

Total $1,418

N. Pirate Shipwreck


a. One talking pirate captain available online, motion activated $75

b. Assorted skeleton pirates $175

c. Pirate chest $75

d. Assorted pirate weapon’s $50
Sets buildings
Shipwreck with sail, attached Kracken tentacles, one moveable by actor. Has two actor hiding places. $1110
Includes an assortment of accessories. Includes two high quality male and one female pirate costumes $180
Mermaid setup with hand crafted water and mermaid chair and costume. Currently used with fine mist spray water hose (not included) $175
Fishing pole with skeleton fish accessories $25

Total $1,865

O. Cemetery

a. Skeleton horse motion and sound activated, available online includes horse tack and hookup. $185

b. Skeleton hearse driver, talking, eye and mouth movement, recorded mp3 included $290

C. Crying mourner skeleton with mp3 sound, head movement eyes light up $60

Assorted human and animal skeletons and real horse bones $130
Headless horseman available online. $195
Sets and props
Hand crafted one of a kind wooden horse drawn hearse with hand sculpted gargoyle columns, electric lighting, velvet curtains. Moveable but not road worthy. $2,565
Cemetery entrance with hand-built gates. Used to hold thunder and lightning equipment. $175
Coffin for actor with skeleton costume $120
One hand-built headstone for hiding fog machines $105
Morgue/mausoleum exterior for fear tunnel with hiding place. Must be unassembled and reassembled for moving $105
Complete high quality sound and 2- 500 watt lightning system includes high definition speaker $200
Two fog machines $50
2 Axworthy flying ghosts ceiling mount motor setup, as seen online $150
Projector and DVD player, DVD dancing skeletons, available online, commercial licenses $250

Total $4,580

P. Draculas’ castle

1. Characters

a. Countess Dracula character $65

b. Count Dracula costume or static prop $85

c. Animated bat $30

Fog Breathing Dragon guarding Castle with fog machine $660
2. Sets, buildings and décor

Castle 8‘x 16’ with ramp drawbridge, includes two antiqued knights’ armor, fireplace mantle $800
His and Hers coffins, sturdy suitable for actors or photo ops $100 × 2
DVD player and Haunted fire DVD for TV (included), sound effects. $250
Haunted book and many other decorative items $50
Lighting $30
Headless horseman available online $195

Total $2,365

Q. Maze

210 maze panels. Lightweight 4x6 made with 2x2 construction and outdoor landscape fabric. Can be arranged in any pattern. $2120
12+ Assorted stick characters. $250
Total $2,370

R. Troll world

includes giant mushrooms and giant flowers $190
Two hand sculpted dragon heads, one full length two headed dragon $300
Complete hand sculpted troll creature suit complete with fat suit, use mannequin for static prop, or best with actor 5.5ft. - 6ft. $640
Total $1130

S. Toxic Waste Dump

Includes one toxic man animated with fog machine. Assorted body bags, toxic barrels with battery lighting and fog machine.
Total $165

T. Train ride

Train built over 2008 L3240GST-F Kubota tractor with LA724-QA Loader arm under 900 hours. 72” bucket included. Front and rear attachments removable to enable tractor use. Train is equipped with fog for chimney, real train whistle with air tank and train bell. Includes attachable coal car for hauling or handicapped accessibility. Includes hand-built caboose trailer, titled and tagged. Used for rides and winning awards in parades. Easy to drive and very dependable. NOTE This train is not included with total haunt sale price but may be purchased at a 15% discount along with haunt. Train TOTAL $23,000

Also included in total haunt purchase

Assorted electronic parts
Two very old real coffin carriers
and Assorted hose and air components, air cylinders and actuators
Extra fog machines and assorted remotes and motion sensors
Fire retardant spray unopened 3gallon. Mixable with paint, spray or brush
Assorted battery powered lights
Electric chair for photos or prop setup with actor
Barber chair with costume
Air balloon pumpkins, extra hanging décor



PHONE 850-418-0507 call to set appointment to view products


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