Make an easy virtual funhouse this Halloween!

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Make an easy virtual funhouse this Halloween!

Post by ijv » Tue Oct 16, 2012 4:51 pm

Do you go all out decorating for Halloween? Tired of picking it all up after midnight when there are better things to do?

Start using projection displays. Put a sheet (yes, I know, one less ghost, but you'll make up for it) on window(s) or door(s) or find a good location to put a video projector outside and everything becomes possible in your new virtual space. And cleanup is easy - if your projector is inside you can just turn it off!

If you have a projector and a sheet (shower curtain liner, etc.) give it a try. New worlds await you!

You can make your own spooky videos to show or use and combine anything you like. To help you get started we've created a 3 minute virtual funhouse ride animation called "Spooks!" that we are making available this year.

Find out more about "Spooks!" and projection displays and get your copy of "Spooks!" at:

You might also want to check out our introduction video on YouTube at:

Happy Halloweening!
from The Eastjesus Company

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