Movie Costumes for Halloween X-Men, Superman Returns

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Movie Costumes for Halloween X-Men, Superman Returns

Post by moviecostumes » Sun Sep 10, 2006 10:13 am

Full Superman Return Costume

Please email me at if keen, price will be negotiable. I have Xmen, Star Wars and other movie costumes. Thanks and do read the description that follows.

One of the most screen accurate Returns suit ever. The flash from
the camera made the suit look much brighter than it actually is.

The cape is attached to the jumpsuit. Any superman wannabe could easily change to the hero gear. There is a hidden zipper at the back of the jumpsuit. The color of the suit is something between light blue and blue, while the underwear and cape is of Burgundy. The suit is made of high quality cotton/lycra imported from Japan while the cape and underwear is made of high quality cotton. The jumpsuit keeps our body warm in the winter and cool in summer by absorbing sweat. It is very elastic and your skin could breath easily thus making it very comfortable for wearing.

Jumpsuit will fit anyone between 5' 8" to 6' 2". What you see is what you get. It really doesnt get any better than this!

You will be getting, superman costume which include the emblem, belt and boots.

You will be getting both Sexy Underwear and Classic Underwear.

2 Sizes Avaliable (M or L )
Costume Measurements
Chest Measurement
38-46 inches
42-52 inches
It is better to give me your waist measurement. So that we could select a better fitting underwear for you.

Underwear Measurements
Waist Measurement
30-34 inches

35-40 inches

Classic Style

Sexy Style

The belt is made of soft plastic that is very flexible and can be blend easily. It feature a sharp diamond shape classic superman logo. Neat and tidy. The belt fit anyone with the waist size of 28-40 inches. The width of the belt is between 4-7cm and have a thickness from 0.3-0.5cm, hence the complete 3-D look. Moreover it also taper toward the tails like from the movie. Belt is secure by velcro.


The emblem is made of soft plastic measuring 23.8cm/ 9 1/4" x 14cm / 5.5". Like from the movie, the small 's' are neat and tidy.



1) Custom Hand crafted Superman Return's Style

2) Boots is made from PLeather and is Burgundy in color. Same color as that from Superman Return.

4) Burgundy Shoe outsole is made of 100% heavy duty rubber for durability

Boots Size:

Important Note*: Shoe sizes are not measured in the same units around the world, manufacturers vary on sizing as well, if you are not sure about the various sizes, just measure your footlength from toe tip (Longest Toe) to heel and tell me the measurement, we will select the shoe size for you. Please tell me your required size ACCORDING to OUR table !! Check your footlength and tell me the Boots size! We have 7 sizes avalible.

Footlength (cm)

Footlength (Inches)

1) 23.8cm 9 inches

2) 24.2cm 9.5 inches

3) 25.4cm 10 inches

4) 27.8cm 10.5 inches

5) 28.0cm 11 inches

6) 29.2cm 11.5 inches

7) 30.5cm 12 inches


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Post by cooleycoolgirl » Tue Sep 19, 2006 6:23 pm

cool :twisted:
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Re: Movie Costumes for Halloween X-Men, Superman Returns

Post by pennyincd » Tue Sep 29, 2009 7:59 am

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