Who is Auntie Claus?

Sometimes people ask who is Auntie Claus? Well, here is a book about her! There are several books about Auntie Claus, but this is the first one in the series. It is a fun series to read about someone named Auntie Claus and some adventures that happened with her a few years ago!

Auntie Claus

Santa Claus’ Books – Recommended Giving And Reading List

Welcome to Santa’s Holiday Books Page!

Santa and Mrs. Claus really enjoy reading holiday stories — it is an excellent way for families to spend time together and celebrate the holidays.

SantaClaus.com BookstoreRecommended Giving And Reading List

Santa and the Elves have picked out some favorite books and stories for the holiday — some of which are considered classics. We’ve also linked with Amazon.com so that it is easy to get more information on them. Where there are related items we’ve listed those.

You can get information about purchasing a book merely by clicking on the title. Any book you purchase can be gift wrapped and shipped through various shipping options to locations in the US and worldwide.

You may also search for a favorite book below.

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