Got your Christmas tree up yet? Care to share?

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Got your Christmas tree up yet? Care to share?

Postby Winter on Wed Dec 09, 2009 8:32 am

Hey there!

I am trying to collect pictures of Christmas trees for my website. It can be any kind of tree with any kind of decorating theme to it. If you post the tree I will put it on my website: I hope to get some creative outputs from this forum :-)

I can give you credit for the photo if you like be it a real name or nickname. It would also be cool to know what state/town the Christmas trees (and you) are from so that I can post that by the tree as well. Basically it will go like this:

Town, State
/ \
"Comments about the tree from the tree owner."

Thanks everyone and I hope to see a bunch of beautiful trees!

Oh, to share the photos you can either post them here, go to my email or go to my website:
Official website for Christmas trees. I am obsessed with trees and am always out on the hunt for more. If you have a good photo, send it to me to get it added to the site.
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