Christmas Eve Traditions?

Let us know your Christmas thoughts, preparations and details!
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Christmas Eve Traditions?

Postby reemus_claus » Thu Nov 05, 2009 5:05 pm

Hey. Sorry if this is already a topic. :D I'm just wondering if anyone has any christmas eve traditions. I do.

Well me and my bro believe in Santa and we track him all day at and then my grandparents come round for Christmas at about 6:00 - 8:00 pm. Then about 9:00pm we start to get mince pies and sherry on a plate and leave them on our fireplace. Between 9:00pm - 11:00pm we usually write a letter to Santa and leave it under our tree. Then we go to bed around 11:00pm and we put tea lights in jam jars and put them on my patio. I'll try and find some photo's from last year. Because we believe in Santa. We want to make sure he lands without any trouble. So we really hope they help. I call it the Christmas Run-way! :D

Anyway. What are your traditions?


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Re: Christmas Eve Traditions?

Postby ANGELPUGS » Fri Nov 06, 2009 6:52 am

everyone gathers together and has a good time as there is always hot coffee and cocoa and baked goodies and christmas songs being played it's a wonderful evening filled with laughter and memories. :)

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