How To Make Your own Santa Dummy

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How To Make Your own Santa Dummy

Post by Blinky » Sun Nov 18, 2007 10:34 am

This is a Tutorial on How to make your own Santa Dummy for your Car or Front yard.

Some of the links you will need:

Mc Call's pattern for those of you who sew. ... nta&page=1

For those of you who don't sew: ... =7500LG&H=

Then you would need a head: These mask would work once t and put it on a styro foam head.


Then you would need some eyes:

Then you will need some hands;

take a pair of house hold gloves the yellow ones with the white lining. Turn them inside out and stuff with cotton or newspaper then duct tape the m to the end of your prop arms.. So The arm looks like this:


The tubing on The Pvc Pipe is bought at Lowes or Home Depot it is used to winterize your pipes.

You would need to go to a place Like Sally's Beauty Supply to buy a foam head to put the mask on..

and the link above has wigs and breads too..

Once you have sewn or bought everything you need for your Santa. You then make a easy to do PVC frame for him..Cost about $15.00 to do this for a full size Santa for the yard: or less if you are making it for your car.You would only need from the waist up.


You then can make the body out of large yard bags fulled with crumpled newspaper and then duct tape it to his PVC frame.Or you Can buy some chicken wire and duct tape and make a light weight body that way. And for the yard you will need 3' long rebar found at the hardware store like Lowe's or Home Depot. you hammer the rebar in the ground and slide the pvc frame down over it to hold him up.

I will give you a link so you can see what I'm talking about: The body you see In the pic's I used to make a Grave Digger for my yard. But The process is the same.. I change the bubble wrap to black tubing. ... 498bc1.pbw

Oh, Man I ran my Mouth to long and I Hope this helps you..If You Have any questions just let me know. Merry Christmas.. Total cost to make the body and head around $50.00 bucks this doesn't include his outfit.

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