All-Time Favorite Enterprise Episodes

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All-Time Favorite Enterprise Episodes

Post by kevinyuyu » Fri Nov 06, 2009 3:21 am

OK, so Star Trek Enterprise seasons has packed up and warped its way on home, and we're all left with a near-universal bad taste in

our mouths. I've slogged through enough harsh criticism (pretty much all of it warranted) for now and I think

maybe we should scrap together the good stuff that we'll remember about a show that perhaps we liked to

criticize more than rave about (again, it was mostly warranted). I mean, hey, I thought it was kind of a silly

show in comparison to other Treks, but I enjoyed it on a simple level and came to anticipate new episodes quite

a bit toward the end, actually.
Having said that, let's list our favorite episodes (and our reasons for ranking them as such so this doesn't

become an inane list thread) of Enterprise. I'll go first:

1. In a Mirror, Darkly - I'm counting this as one episode even though it was a two-parter. This was hands-down

the most imaginative and fun thing Enterprise did during its four-year run, and seeing everyone acting all

eeeee-vil was a hoot. It was far more of a "fan valentine" than the series finale, with the tie-ins to TOS and

the ridiculous but actually somewhat plausible explanation of the Mirror Universe's origin and the Terran

Empire's early history. Plus we got an awesome opening sequence for a chance... and Hoshi kicked ass! What's not

to love?

2. Twilight - Even though it was basically a "reset button" episode, this one was high on the "whoa factor" for

me. Right from the scene where Earth blew up, I was riveted. OK, so the idea of the temporal virus or whatever

the hell it was being destroyed for all time when it was destroyed in the future was kind of a deus ex machina

solution. But the depiction of the future crew was much more convincing than it was in the finale, and the way

Archer kept forgetting stuff gave me fond memories of that Voyager episode where Kes experienced everything

backward. This was good drama even if I knew everything would be reset later on. It gave a chilling glimpse into

a possible future (one we didn't know would actually happen, but still it established the threat of the Xindi)

and made the stakes higher than they usually are on the average Trek episode.

Star Trek Enterprise DVD and Star Trek Voyager DVD r my favs

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