CSI: Las vegas: Mandy

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CSI: Las vegas: Mandy

Postby dogduoduo » Mon Oct 26, 2009 3:18 am

I love Mandy! Everytime I see her I say how cute she is. My husband's reply is always "Oh, is that the girl you have a girl crush on?" Except he doesn't say it that nice. Men, always with the <deleted> innuendos.

I hate Mandy is not getting more screen time, but I understand. Her character is a supporting character and not needed every episode. Her character is very sweet and funny at the same time. I love watching her work with Nick. I guess its that they both have dark hair and dark eyes. They just compliment each other on screen. Of course she is a lovely woman regardless of who is on screen with her. (What's that?? Ah, I can almost hear my husband's comments on that statement.)

I also loved Bobby! I miss seeing him.

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