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Post by Dudley » Thu Nov 09, 2006 1:20 am

Every year, and usually during the off season I read this first class piece of Christmas satire.

Baltimore, the 1890's...disgusted by the way the Christian charities run their free Christmas dinners, a local man decides to put on one himself. No prayers. No speeches. The people attending are invitation only, and made up of the worst bums he can find..only the people who have never done a days work, for whom nothing good can be said.

Free food and booze. Even free cigars. A burlesque show. Live band.

You keep reading, but with increasing dread, expecting it all to go up in the guys face..at the same time, the situation keeps getting funnier..and you are in sympathy with the guy, and the bums getting the best meal of the year...

Mencken was one of the best satirists America every put out..you have to read parts of the Bible to get the jokes he is pulling off (hey, Claudia, the foks will think you've CONVERTED...) ..and you'll want to check out things like AGE OF REASON and the speeches of Robert Ingersoll when you are done, to get some more of the references and jokes..this isn't a bad thing either, because Bob Ingersoll was America's greatest speaker at the time, and Paine is a forgotten American founding father...and if you look, you can find both works refered to on the net...

The ending is funny and touching and ironic..

Worth tracking down...your library might even have the edition that looks like a kids book with cute cartoon drawings of the bums and the dancing girls...
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Post by littledollclaudia » Thu Nov 09, 2006 6:40 am

:laughs so hard almost falls off her chair: I know a few people who would be ultra shocked. HEHE
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Post by Chris » Mon Nov 03, 2008 12:05 pm

I'll have to look this up!
littledollclaudia wrote::laughs so hard almost falls off her chair: I know a few people who would be ultra shocked. HEHE

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