A nice article about Baubles :)

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A nice article about Baubles :)

Post by lottibecks » Mon Nov 15, 2010 11:50 am

Burgundy Baubles brightening up your Christmas.

There are many types of Christmas tree decoration on the market today, as well as the usual baubles, tinsel and lights, there are strings of beads; bows in all sizes, textures and colours; crackers; chocolates; tree toppers to name but a few. In fact, there are so many different types of Christmas tree decorations it is impossible to fit them all on the tree!

The idea when decorating your Christmas tree is to be selective. A tree that has a clear decorative theme and colour scheme looks very attractive and effective, and one of the most popular trends that we are seeing at Christmas Lights etc UK, are people preferring burgundy to the more traditional red, gold and green. Burgundy offers a very rich, deep and warming tone to the household, which is exactly what you would desire in your home at Christmas.

A tree that has many decorations of different colours plonked on its branches can look overwhelmingly overdressed and chaotic. Things to think about before choosing a decorative theme for your Christmas tree include whether you want to go with traditional or contemporary, the great thing about Burgundy is that it goes hand in hand with Traditional and modern Christmas decoration themes. So if this sounds good to you and you want to try something different, then get your hands on some burgundy baubles and all the rest of the trimmings from Christmas Lights etc UK.

(I didn’t write this but I enjoyed it!)

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