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Let us know your Christmas thoughts, preparations and details!

Postby Snow-flake on Sat Nov 11, 2006 11:18 am

Dudley-were you on the Halloween site, because you totally remind me of someone from off there, and if you weren't, I think you have a twin out there somewhere. :D
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Postby Dudley on Sat Nov 11, 2006 12:35 pm

Yeah, Spookey, busted.

It's Uncle Tor...but the only Chrismtas movie that I could find that had Tor Johnson in it was THE LEMON DROP KID, and besides, I have enough trouble explaining Tor Johnson even on the Halloween site.

And anyway, it was a chance to be Cary Grant, just like in THE BISHOPS WIFE...Dudley is the name of the angel that tumbles hard for Loretta Young, much to David Nivens' worry...

but weirdly enough, Tor Johnson wound up selling Christmas trees when his pro wrestling and acting career were over..
Run run Rudolph, Santa's got to make it on time..
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Postby littledollclaudia on Tue Nov 14, 2006 8:02 am

Yeah, Christmasses were a nightmare for me when I was growing up and when I was married to my first husband.

My mom was the "perfect" hostess and impressing her friends and the rest of the family was more important than our happiness. That plastic smile she had always made it so I couldn't eat. Then I would get talked to about un-Christmas my attitude was.

Then when I was with my ex-husband we would go to his family's house and the fights would begin. His sisters nitpicked everything to the point of yelling and slamming doors as they went to their rooms. ( they are twins who have NEVER lived apart, think Patty and Selma from the Simpsons just not smokers and not been in relationships, it's uncanny, even the Mcgyver thing) They did bring food to a dinner that I had made one year. It's funny now, wasn't then. Something always ruined it every get-together.

Took me a long time to enjoy Christmas again, but thanks to my fiancee, I love decorating my tree and all of the excitement that comes with the winter season.
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Postby Dudley on Tue Nov 14, 2006 10:38 am

Glad to hear that it turned out good for you claudia.

I remember a couple of dark years there myself during the seperation. The christmas tree was always the flash point for us, and NO tree could be bought until we ALL agreed on it..meaning it was the wife's pick..then came THE SET UP everything was done with heart valve operation care and a lot of yelling if you broke the concentration or did something wrong..are you kidding, something ALWAYS went wrong..the kids would go to bed in tears, and I would look at the butcher block knife set and WONDER if they would REALLY give me five to ten for killing her in cold blood.

So anyway, the first year out, (seperated, I never killed her, I have proof) the kids asked if I was buying a tree and I hollered;"NO!!" and they started to choke up..and right there I knew I had to pull out a save. Uncle Carl. HE had a pinata for his kids..right. Told them we would make a christmas tree pinata, and smash THAT...figured out how to do it, and a new tradition was born. They dug it, and I still do it..ULTIMATELY wound up buying an artificial and giving it to the kid when she left, the one the cat would ride to the floor every year..

Baby Brother was bettter. No anger. It was the LIGHTS for him. The year his wife left, the boys came in and asked when the LIGHTS were going up. He smiled and said;"The ladder and the lights are in the garage. Good luck."

By the way, Patty and Selma were not at your house because they were at one of my in-laws..seriously..the hair, THE DRESSES,smoked enough to be pollution hazards.But it was Elvis. And for what ever reason, one would yell out in that smoke damaged voice:"Pass the gravey, kindergarden baby!" At no one in particular during the meal. I never knew what that meant. No one else did either, and no one could explain it to me.

ah, it was all good. People going through emotional or spiritual or personal crisis and who were in pain were a SNAP after that, no matter HOW incoherent they got.

Holy friggen' feces.
Run run Rudolph, Santa's got to make it on time..
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