Selling Gamer Items

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Selling Gamer Items

Post by Nostalgiascape » Fri Dec 21, 2007 7:48 pm

I am selling these items used but in excellent condition.

Item 1)

Vanguard- Saga Of Heroes (MMORPG)

I bought this after getting caught up in the massive multiplayer online role playing game revolution. What I didn't know is that my slightly older than average computer didn't have the required specs to handle the game, or that I would be on World Of Warcraft for quite some time, putting off any and all other games.

Vanguard is supposed to be the new standard in MMORPG's. It is designed for the experienced gamer and the graphics as seen in screenshots are unreal. The only thing not sterling about my Vanguard package is that the foldout map has tiny tack holes in the corners of it and that it requires a month of paid membership as I activated the one that came with the game. You can buy a month in the form of a card at any electronics/game store. Or you can buy time online. I guarantee this item is for all intent and purpose, brand new.

Reply or PM me if you want to make an offer.

Item 2

Final Fantasy Anthology for the PsOne playable on Ps2 and 3. This package includes Final Fantasy 5 and 6 in the greatest Hits package. It is in great condition, perfect for Final Fantasy lovers and old school gamers.

Reply or PM me if you want to make an offer.

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