~This just in! Santa to give up on delivering presents.~

Let us know your Christmas thoughts, preparations and details!
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~This just in! Santa to give up on delivering presents.~

Post by Nostalgiascape » Sun Apr 22, 2007 3:49 am

"Reporter John Mchale here. I'm standing outside the magical castle of Santa Claus where in minutes I will be interviewing the Jolly one himself. Man is it cold out here. What's that? Okay I just got a message that Santa is in his den where he often likes to relax. E.L.F security is escorting me to that location now."

"Oh there he is sitting in what looks to be a very comfortable green velvet office chair. Hello sir, I am honored that you would agree to such an interview"

(Well Johnny, I am glad to help. You always were a hard worker.)

"Yes, well...the world wants to know...why have you decided to quit delivering gifts on Christmas eve night?"

(The decision hasn't been easy. I have been saddened for a long time and it has taken nearly a year to come to such a drastic conclusion.)

"What has been making you so sad sir?"

(The same thing that's making everyone else sad Johnny. The powers of good are diminishing and evil is prevailing. As this happens, I slowly lose my magic Johnny. And not just that, but I am disheartened. The terrible news everyday from the middle east. Do you know how many times my heart has broken from all of the sad and helpless children not only in the middle east, but in all parts of the world? Children lost in a haze of death and destruction. Children who live long enough to send me a letter, but who die before I can deliver their requests. I go to their homes on Christmas Eve night and find the parents in mourning.)

"I guess I we haven't thought about how world affairs affects you. For the world I say, we're sorry."

(Don't be sorry for me Johnny lad. Be sorry for the innocent ones. The Nick Bergs of the world who meet evil ends. The genocides, mobbings, suicide attacks. All the resources spent on war which could be spent on healing.)

"I had no idea you were a.... liberal, sir."

(Nonsense! I am a humanitarian and my heart is dying for what is going on out there in this world. Now the world is warming. I am not certain if it is man made or not, but mother nature is making her stand!)

"I guess I don't realize how good I have it sir."

(Yes you do m'boy. You've always been good. But things aren't so great in America either. More and more evil men are hurting and killing children. More places of learning are under attack from gunmen. I can't even turn on Dateline without seeing grown men who want to defile young girls. I am growing dark and bitter. And no one needs a bitter Santa Claus coming down their chimney to spread his gloomy attitude. I'm afraid it is time to close down the work shops and cancel plans indefinatly. I am sorry son, but I am at a loss. I haven't the heart any longer.)

"What can we do, anything, tell us!"

(You'll have to spread the power of good, not just in December, but all year long. Serious changes will have to be made. It starts with the small things. Love your children and protect the innocent. Love your neighbors and do not discriminate. Take a stand against the evil that lurks in your shadows. Be careful that you don't become evil yourselves. Give to the needy. Vote for your leaders.......follow...your hearts children. And then, when the powers of good begin to overpower the evil again, my magic will return and I will take heart. Untill then I'll be here....waiting.)

"You heard it here everyone. We know what needs to be done. All is not yet lost. From the North Pole...John McHale reporting."

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