The power of good shown through in December

Let us know your Christmas thoughts, preparations and details!
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The power of good shown through in December

Post by Nostalgiascape » Sat Feb 17, 2007 9:21 pm

Darkness has it's own holiday. Halloween allows us to get the demons out of our system. And it is fun. I am an admitted lover of Halloween. The timing between Halloween and Christmas is excellent. You spend a month being in that dark and spooky mind frame. You purge on it. Then it's out of your system, cleaned from you so that by the time Christmas arrives, there's only goodness in your heart. Well for most.

And Christmas really is a powerful experience. It has a healing power. A capacity to bring out the good in all of us that we wish we had more often. It becomes okay to be compassionate and good and so more closet good guys step out during that time of year, good being so tabboo the rest of the year and all :wink:

Admit it. Is it cool to be the good guy when you're young and on Spring Break? If you're me you have no choice because it's who you are, but mainly these "kids" have nothing but the baddies on their mind. And goodness never awarded a partier you get my drift.

Now add these to the list....New Years Eve, Martis Gras, Senco Demayo.

Watch tv year long. The good guys aren't even good. To admire them they must be to some degree or another....a d***.

And go on a date with a thrill seeking female. Try the good guy approach. It lands you a kiss on the cheek and a "You're sweet."

If you are a true blue good person, it's the burn that you bear. But don't sell out.

But for the rest of everybody, Christmas time appears to be their opportunity to be what they probably wish they could be all year long without paying societies price for it. After all, they say the good die young.

I'm done jabbering.

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