History, and the Last American Christmas?

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History, and the Last American Christmas?

Post by arwilson529 » Mon Dec 25, 2006 9:48 am

It's that magical time of the year again. Christmas is probably the most revered holiday this world has. Celebrated in all parts of the Western World, Kris Kringle has been spotted as early as August in some parts gearing up for this one day.

It's a holiday that brings families together. Kids get their gifts, grandparents see the glee in their descendants' faces, and the day is spent in front of a Christmas ham with all the traditional eatings.

Yet this day always remains a mystery to me. Really I shouldn't say the day itself, but the celebration of the day; and even more so the adoration of the day by billions of Christians (and others) who do not even understand the day.

Why do you observe Christmas? This is the time of year where people are admonished continually "Keep Christ in Christmas." And yet people were observing Christmas for thousands of years before Christ was even born. How can you keep Christ in Christmas when Christmas was before Christ?

It can shock some to realize that Christmas isn't even mentioned in the Bible. It is even more of a shocker to realize that most Biblical and historical scholars believe there is absolutely no evidence to support the idea that Christ was born in the winter, but rather the spring or fall season (the shepherds didn't keep their sheep out past mid-October because of the elements). What is the most shocking is that even the Catholic Encyclopedia agrees that Christ wasn't born on this day. Yet all Christian Churches have the Catholics to thank for this holiday.

Thousands of years before Christ was even born the inhabitants of Mesopotamia were celebrating the rebirth of their sun god Osiris around the time frame of the winter solstice. They even adorned a full-grown evergreen to mark the occasion. Similar festivals were in Greek and Rome (called the Saturnalia- Birth of the Unconquerable Son), even in Asia. As time went on the celebration of December 25th became more elaborate, with some of the more familiar symbols such as holly, mistletoe, Yule logs, gift exchanging, and Santa, again long before the birth of Christ. And there were some unfamiliar characteristics of this day as well. I suppose its fortunate Christmas isn't marked with orgies as it was in Northern Europe and child sacrifice like it was in ancient times.

You can find most of this information just on Wikipedia. Look up Christmas and Osiris, or Tammuz.

I recently read a book by author Ronald Weinland. It's called "2008- God's Final Witness." You can download it here: http://www.the-end.com/ In it there is a chapter entitled "The Deception in Man." The chapter discusses the inherent contradictions and confusion in religion, especially the Christian religion. It makes a statement that if you observe Christmas, you pay homage to the Catholic Church. Only in the Catholic Church has there ever been any 'christian' connection to Christmas, since it was they who converted the religion of the pagans, Christmas included, to build up their idea of Christianity. It was the Catholics of tied all the symbols and all the observances of a pagan god being reborn to the Christ child (and they butchered that much too).

I can just imagine Christ in heaven, looking down on Earth today and thinking how thousands of years ago they were worshiping a sun god with these same rituals. How disgusting it must be to him to realize his name is tied to paganism and the atrocities committed on this day throughout time. What is most heartbreaking is that most just do it ignorantly. What will cause people to wake up?

As I look around on this Christmas I don't see anything happy. Rather I see chaos and contention. Not just the usual stuff you see this year, the frantic rush to get that perfect gift and going into debt because of it, the ever escalating suicides in connection to failing in that objective, not to mention the sheer materialism that strips us all of our dignity and humanity. No I see a world on a brink with Iran and the Middle East about to explode. I see an ever-growing hatred for all things American and the utter helplessness of the American government to protect itself. In these times, which are only going to get worse and worse and worse, it's only God that can save us.

And I'll guarantee you, it isn't the God who's birthday the world just celebrated. Rather it is the God who will say that this pagan tradition has to end. It is a mockery of his son created by a demonic mind. It is a mockery of your savior and soon-coming King, who you cannot worship by repeating pagan festivals with a different name.

This world is indeed heading towards the brink of a massive war. I find it interesting to think its possible that America has truly celebrated its last Christmas, or Saturnalia, whatever you want to call it. And a part of me is thankful for that. I do sincerely encourage all of you to read "2008- God's Final Witness" if you feel like you along with the rest of the world have been lied to by the Catholic church in celebrating this holiday. I encourage everyone who feels this world is in a dangerous state to read it as well, because only the true God and his true son, not born or worshiped today, can save any of us if we follow him in all his ways.

Again you can find it at http://www.the-end.com

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