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Christmas gifts based on “relationship status”

Posted: Mon Nov 25, 2013 12:09 am
by markuspauler
Are you in a new relationship and are unsure of what Christmas gift might represent “too much, too soon” or not enough? It can be a delicate line to walk. And what about those office friends, neighborhood friends, college friends, etc.? What makes the best gift for each type of person in your life? There are no hard, fast rules, but you might benefit by sticking to a few general guidelines.

New relationships

This encompasses relationships from the first date to about three or four months. You’re pretty sure you like this person but there’s nothing definite or long-term planned between the two of you. Men, stay away from jewelry. An investment of this type signifies perhaps more of an attachment than you want to communicate right now. Instead, think about what your significant other’s hobbies are. Does she like to journal? Get her a nice pen set or new journal. Does he enjoy a particular band? Get him a CD or tickets to see it live.


Besides your spouse and children, your parents are arguably the most important people in your life and you don’t want to forgo putting thought into what to get them for Christmas. Think about their personalities. Does your Dad enjoy grilling or spending time in the outdoors? Get him tools for his barbecue or a new backpack. Does your mom like to curl up with a good book or movie? Get her a heated blanket and the newest chick flick.


Do you have “The Office” type relationships at your job? What gifts you get for co-workers entirely depends on how close you are. If it’s someone you’re not close to but still you would still like to acknowledge their hard work, you might get them a new coffee mug full of candy or a calendar to hang in their cubicle. If, however, it’s a buddy or girlfriend you do things outside of work with and he or she has a good sense of humor, you might get something like adult footed pajamas by Jumpin Jammerz. These pajamas have become super popular this year and have even been featured on the Ellen Degeneres show. They come in all colors, patterns, and styles so you can get your friend a pair that clearly illustrates what his or her personality is.

Someone with everything

There are some friends or neighbors who just seem to have everything already and it’s a real challenge to figure out what you might get that would be valuable to them. Try figuring out where their favorite place to eat out is. You can never go wrong with a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant or shopping mall. Maybe look at some more unique kitchen or electronic gadgets as well. Not everyone has a fondue pot on hand. And if they like technology, you might consider whether they’d be interested in new headphones or a Bluetooth speaker set. Who knows, maybe they’d like their own pair of footed pajamas, too.