My Letter to Taos News in protest of Poor Treatment - Christ

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My Letter to Taos News in protest of Poor Treatment - Christ

Post by mysticchristmas » Sat Dec 11, 2010 5:24 pm

Senora C Christmas Character Not a Threat to Taos

I Portray a Christmas Character (Akin to Mrs. Claus), Senora C, at Christmas Time.
I am a Professional Christmas Character Portrayer.
What disappointed me when I attended the Taos Parade, was the very Negative Reaction that myself and my Entourage recieved at the Parade.
I may be new to this whole Professional Christmas thing, but my Character is Not a Threat to Taos, to our Community, nor to any other Clauses.
I have a great deal of Respect for any other Clauses and enjoy visiting with them on a Professional basis.
This, along with Product Sales, Family and Historical Research Work, Spiritual and Paranormal Work and Psychic Work (I am a Medium), comprise the majority of my Living.
I don't ask for much because I Never expect much, but would it be too much to ask to be shown a little Respect, especially during Parades?
Last 4th of July, I was Grabbed at by a Drunken woman at the Seco 4th of July Parade and this year, someone did something incredibly Stupid and Dangerous; they ran alongside my Float and stuck a Camera in my Face.
This is Clearly an Ethics, Privacy, Decency and even a Safety Issue that should be addressed.
I have to admit, that made me more than a little Nervous.
This is Not my idea of being shown an ounce of Respect.
If someone is going to take my Picture like that or wants to talk to me, PLEASE save it for After the Parade, ask my Permission (a little Common Courtesy goes a Long way) and I would be more than Happy to accomodate you at that time.
I noticed with a greater degree of Accuracy, Snide Remarks, Laughter, Snickering and general Growliness and Fussing.
People even allowed their small Children to run up to me and yell Epithets in my face.
If this is the kind of Treatment I am going to recieve, simply as a Parade Participant, I am inclined to go elsewhere and attend another Community's Parade, where maybe we can get a little more decency and Respectful treatment.
All I am trying to do, is to get my Name out there, so I can get a few more Paying Gigs, to help support my Family.
This has Nothing to do with anyone else, but with myself and the Job I am trying to accomplish.
If I cannot be allowed to make and earn a Living here, I will be forced to go elsewhere, (No - No One will force me to Move House again, I Won't go and Hell Yes, I will Fight); to do so, regardless of whether or not I can Financially afford to do so.
People here complain about the Lack of Commerce, but then won't do anything to make that happen, because they are too afraid of the Ultra Liberal Crazy Lefties that control this County.
Well, I am Not afraid of them. I Will make a Living here.
I am willing to offer my Services as Senora C at the Holidays, if the City of Taos will accept it.
I come complete with my own Costuming, Props and I can do Any Location.
My Schedule is Flexible.
I charge a Reasonable "Per Hour" Fee, Plus Contract.
You can Book me several ways at your Convenience; In Person, By Phone, by E Mail, via Facebook, or via my Website.
If you see me in Town, come up to me and we can talk Business.
I don't mind that.
I may Not be Santa Claus, but am next best thing, in lieu of.
We Santas, from what I hear tell, are stretched thin this year. There is more demand than what is able to go around.
I hope to fill some Gaps.
I can either appear in lieu of or can assist other Santas for most any Event.
I do know for a Fact, that Senora C is Not a Threat to Taos.
Think on this a bit, if you will.

M. Bryan
a.k.a. Senora C
Arroyo Seco, NM

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