Christmas is a time for peace to take a peak

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Christmas is a time for peace to take a peak

Postby Alevi » Thu Dec 12, 2013 3:16 am

Hello all,
I am Alevi Dcosta and i am from India. Christmas is one such time that brings joy in every body's hearts and that includes to so many Indians irrespective of caste and creed. But sadly, not many have the time to pause by and express that joy. Our world (atleast in India) is filled with so much of consumerism, that has taken everyone running day in and day out to just earn and consume. No body has the time to stop by and greet a smile.

Our joy is a suppressed one. One that has not been expressed for a long, a very long time. And this has taken a toll on each one of us; that we are left with nothing but frustrations seeding deep from the bottom of our hearts. All we have succesfully acheived so far is to conceal it. However, our kids dont know how. Our kids, are a frustrated lot cause we dont have time to attend to them; time to attend to their little joys and acheivements. All we care about is the money we would loose if we dont attend that important meeting. With this, we justify our deeds by explaining we are doing these things for their (luxurious) happiness but deep down we know we are doing something wrong. We have made life easier for them by providing them with all sorts of worldly joys and goodies. Frustrated kids shooting in schools, rapes, murders, corruption have taken an all time high. Its not just the victim or the culprit. We all are indirectly culprits to whats happening in our lovely green world.

Coming from a consumeristic background myself i realize, things dont keep us or our kids happy for long. It is the joy, companionship,sharing and love that springs from our hearts that makes others happy and seeds out a sense of happiness thereby bringing joy instead of frustration in our hearts.

We can change the world with each one of us doing our small little part. Ofcourse, we cant expect everyone to be like us cause everybody is different. Else, life would become boring place with only good and no dynamics at all. We also refer someone else to give us a start in doing something good. Sadly, the other person too is waiting for the same start. We need to free our selves from the slavery of depending on others and start somewhere.

Cause its our responsibility to make this world a better place.


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