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Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2012 12:29 am
by Albert Wise
Hi everyone. I usually go by Santa Al, but that name was already take so I went with The Wise Al. Not very Christmassy, but all I could think of when I found my usual name already taken. I'm 67 years old, have been a professional Santa for 10 years, most recently the photo Santa at Radio City Music hall for the last two years. I liked it, but it was really rushed and I missed getting to visit with the kids, which is what I consider the best part of the job. I reside in beautiful Billings, MT. Santa Plus folded and my agent retired and I want to stay home fater 10 years of missing the 2 biggest family days of the year. Therefore, I'm trying to start a family run Santa photo business on my own - not an easy task with all the big boys dominating the field. The only trouble is that I didn't pay much attention to the business end of the job, so I don't know what sizes of pictures to make or what to charge for them or bundles. I would appreciate anyone who has paid attention or remembers to let me know what the going rates are, and any other suggustions they might have.

Skinny Santa Al (lost 60 lbs and am no longer pre diabetic - the occupational hazard to our job!)