are cell phones over-rated

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Postby patsfan24 » Wed Nov 15, 2006 3:28 pm

it depends upon the case, i dont think that a 9 year old who is with a parent all the time is in to much need of a cell phone, but a teen who goes out and does stuff on their own would probably need one. cell phones can be very practical
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Postby Snow-flake » Wed Nov 15, 2006 9:37 pm

I love your avatar...that's a beautiful scene.

We got rid of ours some months ago. I think they are completely over rated.

I think they are good in emergency situations...and that is absolutely it.

I can not stand seeing kids on them. If you don't know where your kid is and who they are with-then that is the problem...a phone isn't the answer.

I can not stand seeing adults on them out in public, having a complete conversation with someone...I can not imagine taking my personal private life, out in the public, and letting total strangers hear my buisness.

I can not stand people standing in the grocery store talking on the phone, I think they should be banned in certain places. How did people survive so long without them?

I can't stand hearing people saying...what kind of crackers should I get- as if you have to get a second opinion- it's like, let me call and get a majority ruling on which ice cream to's like so uncool.

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Postby Dudley » Thu Nov 16, 2006 11:15 am

a few years ago, they had a commercial where rich yuppies up at the cottage express their independence and getting away from it all by throwing their ringing cell phones into the water off the dock.

And I thought to myself that I might as well cut out the middle man and just not get one.

I have never regretted the move. I LIKE the idea of being able to go someplace and NOT having my boss or whoever being able to tag me. I'm not a brain surgeon or a cop. I'm not THAT needed..we need to treasure silence, slowness and inaccessibilty more..
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Postby GreenElf » Thu Nov 16, 2006 11:51 am

I'm with you Dudley, I have never even got one. I understand they would be great in a emergency and all no doubt but for me I can't stand having the regular phone and would give it up but apparently I am the only one in the house that thinks so. Me...well I am more of a internet junkie or snail mailer when it comes to communication.
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Postby EvilMel » Thu Nov 16, 2006 12:04 pm

I hope you guys don't ever get stranded on the interstate the night before Thanksgiving when it's about 20 degrees.

That happened to me and my husband two years ago. I would hate to think of our walk to a gas station!

You know you guys can turn them OFF. hah hah. Or you could be one of those insane people who carries a cell phone but never turns it on...even a pay as you go one. You can also not tell anyone you've got one.

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Postby MHooch » Sun Nov 19, 2006 1:56 am

you know Dudley, sometimes you say the most profound stuff...I have been pondering for months now that we all need to just SLOW DOWN. Especially since we can't even celebrate one holiday at a time anymore. Haven't had Thanksgiving, and they are cramming Christmas down our thoats. Which is not to say that I don't enjoy Christmas, I do...but I enjoy it even better in December! :?
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