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Whats up?

Post by patsfan24 » Tue Nov 14, 2006 7:16 pm

hey all, im from maine. I came across this site and instantly got into a christmasy mood. i look forward to talking to u guys in the coming weeks. Happy Holidays! :D
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Post by MHooch » Tue Nov 14, 2006 8:54 pm

Hi patsfan24, and welcome...looking forward to hearing from you!

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Post by GreenElf » Wed Nov 15, 2006 8:50 am

Welcome, and Seasons Greetings Patsfan24.. I love your signature.
It's a beaut Clark, it's a beaut!

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Post by Snow-flake » Wed Nov 15, 2006 9:44 pm

Welcome! It is great to see new people starting to find this place. I hope it continues. :D

Spread the word.

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Post by Dudley » Thu Nov 16, 2006 8:48 am

welcome to town, glad it puts in the mood. your pic is a good mood piece too.
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