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Place settings

Postby The Dentist » Wed Jan 21, 2009 12:46 pm

This year we had our kids make place settings for everyone, the kids and grown-ups loved it.

For place settings, the kids went outside and collected pine cones. Then, they traced their hands on various colors of construction paper for "feathers". After cutting out all the feathers, they placed them in the grooves at the back of the pine cones (use about 4 hands a pine cone to look colorful). they then cut out eyes and a beak and glued it to the front. Then they wrote everyones name down on a sheet of paper and cut the names out individually. The kids then glued the names on the turkey's. After all the turkey's were dry, they placed them around the table where everyone was supposed to set. It really made the table look beautiful and festive.

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