Silent Night By Drongomala Free to Download at www.drongomal

Postby Drongomala on Mon Dec 08, 2008 11:11 am

Hoping you all are having a good December so far!?

I'd like to invite you to download, for free, Silent Night by Drongomala for consideration on your playlist at version version (radio)

This version of Silent Night was recorded by a Scotsman (Drongomala) that was living in Kerala for 2 years recording with Carnatic musicians. As many people know Silent night is a song about peace and calm and this version was made by people of many faiths organised by Drongomala.

The track Silent Night will be free to download on all through Dec 08 until 2009.

• Drongomala : vocals, acoustic guitar and arrangements.
• Balu - mridangham
• A.R. Biju : veena
• Jon Thorne : double bass
• Ian Holmes-Lewis : percussion
• Sanjay/Merlin/Lenoy/Sandra/Ramesh/Sujith - choir
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