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Santa Camera Live

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Santa Claus Camera Live

Santa Camera Live is an Android Application that is a live Internet transmission using two TV cameras from Santa’s Office on the Arctic Circle.

There are two web cameras in Santa’s Village showing Santa’s Office from the inside and outside. The cameras are in use all year round.

Santa is in his Office every day of the week during Office opening hours.

We all know that each Christmas Santa travels all over the world bearing presents and good will. And surely anyone’s dream must be to make a return visit to him in his very own office? Well now you can!.

Santa’s Office far away in the North of Finland on the Arctic Circle is quite unique in that every day of the year people come from all over the world to see him there. Thousands upon thousands of them. Santa’s Office is a place where dreams come true.

These pages allow you to take a peep inside Santa’s Office. You will naturally meet the man himself, for whom the virtual world is as familiar as, say, the reindeer grazing grounds of his own home mountain or the chimneys of Manchester. And maybe you’ll find the answers to some of the questions that have been puzzling you. For there are so many strange stories about Santa going round the world, each more peculiar than the last, that they often make Santa chuckle out loud.

Long, long ago | Santa and christmas | Santa’s present list | Some questions for Santa

Long, long ago

Far, far away in the north, amid the endless wilderness of Finnish Lapland, is a mysterious mountain called Korvatunturi. Right at the foot, hidden from human eyes and ears, lives Santa Claus with his wife, his elves and his reindeer. He’s in fact been living there so long that he can’t quite remember when he first moved in. He doesn’t actually say much about his home, but he does let on that, as its name - Ear Mountain - suggests, it’s an excellent place for hearing and receiving the hopes and dreams of people of all ages.

Santa is anxious to keep his secrets; they are, after all, an important part of the Christmas story. But a traveller who happened to be passing about a hundred years ago brought news that soon spread of the mountain and its inhabitants. Santa wanted to make sure his hiding place was not invaded with visitors and hit upon a brilliant idea that would allow all his friends and anyone who loved Christmas to come and meet him. About half a century ago he began making regular visits to the Arctic Circle just outside the town of Rovaniemi.

Korvatunturi lies far, far away in the wilds of Lapland, but then if you live down south, the Arctic Circle may seem a long way away. And because Santa doesn’t want anyone to be disappointed, he has promised to be at his Office on the Arctic Circle every single day of the year, ready to receive friends from near and far.

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