“How To” Stop Kids Christmas Party Nightmares

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“How To” Stop Kids Christmas Party Nightmares

Post by KimberlyP » Sat Dec 18, 2010 1:21 pm

I want to share an Christmas article I wrote today for my blog.

If you are having a Christmas party for kids there are a few things to be aware of that you might have not thought of. I have solution to the problems of kids party favors nightmares. This article will save you a lot of mess as well as other problems which I'll discuss in this article.

Party favors and prizes given at a kid's Christmas party probable nightmares:

If you're giving candy as party favors or prizes for game winners at your kids Christmas party then you need to be well-prepared for sticky everything. Kids will touch everything with their sticky hands, lay down their unwrapped candy in the most unusual places and it evidently at least one kid will stick a piece of unwrapped candy on something impossible to clean or ever get the stain out of. And that's just the beginning of what you will be dealing with, you'll get to hear over and over again: "that was my candy", "they took my candy", "where's my candy", "but I didn't win any candy", “but their candy cane is a different color than mine, I want…” and the list goes on and on, then of course there will be tears somewhere along the line! My favorite is when a sticky half eaten candy cane is put in another child’s hair which is usually a girl with long hair and the hair has to be cut to get the candy out.

If you are giving small toys as party favors or for game-winner prizes for kids at your Christmas party. It's pretty much the same as above with the exception of something will be put up someone's nose, someone will break someone else's toy, two kids will trade toys and one will decide they don't want to do the trade and on and on, I can list so many things that will happen.

This doesn't apply just to pre-K; even lower grade school kids will do the same and sometimes older grade school kids will do these things because kids mature differently. Also older grade school kids at a Christmas party with just their close friends, and they don't have peer pressure around them, will sometimes act the right age or even younger. It's amazing how grade school kids can act when the peer pressures turned off. Actually its kind nice to see them at their age!

Here's my solution, set up a party favors store for the kids to get the party favors or prizes on the way out the door. Think of a carnival booth where you pick up prices or one of those kids places where you get tickets when you win games and check out use the tickets to buy prized on way out. This takes all the problems I've listed and others I have not listed out the door with the prized or party favors and saves you a lot of mess and hassle!

The best way to do this is to use my free printable fake play Christmas money. You can print the bills that you want then cut them out. If you have a cutting board, that helps cut them out very faster. Now take your list of games for the kids and set a value for each one. An easy game is a dollar and a harder game can be five dollars. You can also give them a fake dollar when they walk in the door so everyone has a dollar to start with.

Some game ideas:

You can take the fake money and hide it then do a hunt for the Christmas money similar to any Easter egg hunt.

You can get helium balloons and punch a small hole in the end of each piece of money then run a string from the helium balloon to the hole in the money, and have a game where the kids jump up and trying out the money. If you have many different ages of kids you may want to play this game several times by the height of the kids so the games is more fair by adjusting the string length between the balloons and money for different height groups of kids. This also helps wear them out. I would do this before the kids eat any snacks to avoid upset stomachs.

But remember the big point is whether you're giving the Christmas party at home, Christmas event or church party the kids stopping at the Christmas money store, party favor store, on the way out the door to buy their prizes by how much money they have gotten at the party takes the mess up door and all the problems that go with it.

Get the free printable Christmas money at:

Santa Christmas Free Play Money and Game Ideas
http://www.momsbreak.com/printable/chri ... oney.shtml

Hope this helps
(c) by Kimberly Printable
Kimberly Printable Loves Christmas & Even More Christmas Magic ! Hoping for Snow...and Snows and Snows!

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