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53 days 18 hours, until Christmas!

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Email Santa Claus and get a return email from at the North Pole!

Welcome to's Email Santa Claus Page!

Once again, Santa Claus will be answering all email and accepting emailed gift lists! All email to Santa will receive a response -- however, it is possible that not every question will be answered due to time constraints on Santa and the elves. If you do not receive an email response from Santa Claus it could mean one of several things: your return email address is set incorrectly, your email to Santa Claus got lost in cyberspace (it happens), you are blocking email, or the response got lost in cyberspace. Please check your return email address in your email program before sending an e-mail to Santa Claus, we want everyone to get their return email from Santa Claus!

Since 1994 Santa has been answering e-mails for free from his web home at

Earthlink and Mindspring are on Santa Claus' Bad List: for people still stuck using Earthlink or Mindspring, if you have their challenge-response set-up Earthlink and Mindspring will block Santa Claus' email unless you allow email from They have instructions to do so on their web site.

Again: sorry to those of you stuck with EARTHLINK, they BLOCK email from Santa if you don't specifically allow it, so you will never get Santa's reply. Sign up for a FREE email at Yahoo, Hotmail or Google's gmail to avoid Earthlink problems.

Email (yes, it is free)

Email - back soon! (Español)

Email (Francais) - back soon!

View a sample message from Santa Claus.

Teachers Please Note:

If you plan to have multiple students from a class write to Santa, it would be helpful to include several requests per email.

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